Teaching resources

The goal of this page is to share autonomous teaching resources related to Music Information Retrieval: exercises, musical examples, code...

Please feel free to contribute by editing this page and adding resources. Do not forget to include your name for further details!

See also this wiki on Music Information Retrieval research domain, maintained by Alexander Schindler.

Lecture/tutorial slides


Scientific papers which are useful as introductory or educational material (by topics)
introductory papers
tutorial papers

Musical examples

Musical examples which are useful to illustrate some MIR concepts.
  • ...

Model Assignments

Assignment that can be used in various undergraduate and graduate courses:
  • Music Genre Classification (http://modelai.gettysburg.edu/2012/music/)
    for courses on AI, Machine Learning, and Information Retrieval - (presented at AAAI - Educational Advances in AI 2012 by Doug Turnbull)